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A new neck massager from Xiaomi called Mini

Xiaomi presented a new neck massager called Mini. Nowadays, when for long hours we sit in one, often incorrect position, neck pain, the neck is a frequent complaint. The new Xiaomi iHealth product is to ensure muscle relaxation during 15 minutes.

A new neck massager

A new neck massager

The new product is called Mini, although its dimensions do not indicate it. Manufactured by Tianjin Jiu'an Medical Electronics Co., Ltd, which also provides after-sales service. It is equipped with a motor that provides 5800 speed per minute. It offers different types of massage, including Shiatsu.

Shiatsu massage was developed by the Japanese. Although the assumptions of this technique are derived from ancient Chinese massage, among others Tui Na, Shiatsu has only been used since the twentieth century. Shiatsu massage is often also called acupuncture without needles or point massage.

The word Shiatsu itself translates as - finger pressure - shi-toes and atus - oppression. Shiatsu uses the method of vertical pressure with the help of thumbs. Shiatsu is not just a healing agent that mobilizes its own vital forces, but also stimulates the body to prevent disease. The action of Shiatsu is based on muscle pressure at specific

A new neck massager

The massage angle is 120°perfectly adapts to the curvature of the neck. The device is equipped with a battery with the 2600 mAh capacity. Charging takes place via the USB-C port. The set also includes a user manual and a storage case. It is intended for massaging the neck, but it will also work well on other parts of the body, such as calves, thighs and loins.

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The buttons for operation are on the right hand side, you can adjust the engine speed.

A new neck massager

The new Mini neck massager has been priced in China for 269 yuan, $ 39, and is currently not offered outside the Chinese market.

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