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A new iPhone (11) and a triple camera?

The network received further news about the new iPhone. As described by the portal, the new smartphone from Apple should have a triple camera and an OLED display. In addition, the front camera will support the slow-motion mode in 120 fps.

The new Smart Frame function, which will be introduced to this smartphone, will save the picture taken by us in two variants: in the basic mode and in the wide-angle mode. Also, the Smart Capture mode, which will allow us to edit the captured image in the form of its widening. Two new modes sound interesting, but will it check the buyer of a new chewed apple?

Unfortunately, we will still not see the USB-C sockets in the new iPhone, according to speculation from various sources until the 2020 year Apple is to implement this solution.

The new iPhone will be available in three variants:

  • iPhone 11 - OLED 5,8 screen in, 2436 on 1125 pixels
  • iPhone 11R - LED screen 6,1 inch, 1792 on 828 pixels
  • iPhone 11 Max - OLED 6,5 screen in, 2688 on 1242 pixels

The premiere of the new iPhone, according to many sources, is to take place in September of the year 2019. Until then, Apple fans have to be patient and put some cash on the occasion.

And how do you think, will the new iPhone record the record sales of this model?

We are waiting for your opinions on this subject, which you can put in the commentary 🙂

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