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New sensor for the Smart Home Xiaomi system, check the Aqara Smart Motion Sensor

The Aqara brand has put on sale a new sensor for doors, windows, drawers, paintings, all kinds of things you want to protect. In the event of attempting to transfer things, tilts, vibrations to the central unit, information will be sent about the necessity to activate the alarm scene. Depending on our configuration, the Xiaomi smart home control panel can start to light up, turn on the siren, launch other devices and send a notification to the smartphone about the threat.

Aqara Smart Motion Sensor

The new sensor has a very compact size 36 mm x 36 mm x 9 mm, it is in the shape of a square with rounded edges. The housing is made of ABS plastic to withstand a fall to the floor. Just like all other sensors, the new one also has a double-sided tape attached. The sensor can be glued to any surface and if we arm it (turn it on) then in case of detecting a threat the alarm procedure will start, which I mentioned above. The CR2032 battery is powered, the cost in Poland is around 4 PLN.

Aqara Smart Motion Sensor International Edition

The new intelligent Aqara motion sensor has been priced in China for 79 yuan, $ 12. If you are interested then it is available for purchase in the store The new sensor will definitely be compatible with the new Aqara gateway, which will have support for a smart home from Apple, HomeKit! The premiere of the new gate, central office soon. As soon as I know the official date or find a link to buy, I will definitely write about it on the site and Twitter / Facebook. I am also looking forward to this product.

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