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Xiaomi and Hyber present new sports shoes with an innovative "binding"

Xiaomi has many shoes in his collection. From flip-flops, through sports to elegant. Last week they presented new ones created in cooperation with Hyber.

Breathable Hyber shoes

Xiaomi Hyber Shoes

The shoes are made in a minimalist, yet futuristic style. The materials from which the sole was created are a combination of TPU and EVA rubber. Providing adequate shock absorption and comfort for the foot. The biggest innovation of new shoes, however, begins above the sole. The top was made of one piece of material, created by printing 3D. This is complemented by a new, "binding". With the help of the wheel placed at the top, we adjust the appropriate size for the foot by turning so that the shoe does not fall while running. I'm interested in how it works in practice, in my opinion it looks ugly.

Xiaomi Hyber Shoes

The shoes are dedicated to both men and women. They are available in two colors, light or dark. In both variants, the same size is available, from 35 to 44.

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Xiaomi Hyber Shoes

Hyber shoes cost Xuanx yuan in China, $ 209. New shoes are already available in store, the price is obviously higher because you have to add "new tax" and shipping costs.