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New Yeelight lamp with built-in battery for Youpin

A new Yeelight desk lamp with a built-in battery has been added to the Youpin sales platform. The new lamp consists of two parts: the place where the battery is hidden and the part regulated in 120 with LEDs glued.

The battery inside has a capacity of 1800 mAh and according to the manufacturer, it is enough for 40 working hours. If we work in the evenings after 5 hours a day, electricity is enough for a week. The foldable Yeelight lamp has 40 LEDs with a power of 0,07W each, which translates into the maximum light output of 200 lumens. Yeelight decided to use diodes with 3700K color temperature. The lamp is turned on by pressing the button on the housing. The button is also used to change the power, three-stage adjustment is available.

The foldable Yeelight lamp has been priced in China at 89 yuan, $ 12. It is available in two colors: white and red. Well ... this time it is not a revolutionary product. Twin constructions have been available on the market for several years.

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