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A new Viomi Smart Gas 1A product has landed on the financing platform
Viomi is a company that creates intelligent household appliances in the Xiaomi ecosystem. I ordered one Viomi product and wait until it reaches me, water heater. The crowdfunding platform has hit a new product, it is a gas term, which heats the water by burning gas.

Viomi Smart Gas 1A

Viomi Smart Gas 1A Dimensions are 575 mm x 355 mm x 146 mm, weighs 10,8 kg. For proper installation, the space between the ceiling and the floor must be at least 600 mm. The pressure inside varies between 0,02 - 0,8 MPa. It can warm 13 gallons of water per minute, the temperature can be adjusted by + - one degree. With the help of the application you can program even by the seasons. The power is enough to heat two bathrooms and the kitchen. Viomi Smart Gas 1A2 Viomi Smart Gas 1A connects to the Mi Home application via Wi-Fi. Using a smartphone, you can control the temperature at a distance. It has an LED screen that displays the temperature and the current configuration. Viomi Smart Gas 1A2 Viomi Smart Gas 1A costs 899 yuan in China, $ 130. The company also provides assembly in China. Shipping to the first customers will start on September 27. Shop Banggood he added the product to the shop's offer, but can not be ordered at this moment.
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