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M365 Pro - Xiaomi releases an improved version of the scooter

The Xiaomi M365 scooter is very popular in many countries in different parts of the world. It has gained the most popularity thanks to the use by companies as a cheap means of transport available to anyone who has a smartphone. Scooters can be borrowed for minutes in the same way as bicycles or scooters.

M365 Pro range increased to 45 kilometers!

Xiaomi decided to improve his electric scooter and the Pro version is available. The most important change in the new version is the extension of the range on one charge, now it is as much as 45 kilometers, has been increased by 15 km. It offers the same maximum speed as the traditional version, 25 km / h. The first generation could be unlocked to offer full power without restrictions imposed on the manufacturer. For this purpose, it was necessary to change the software, to the version created by M365 fans.

The M365 Pro also has a display on the steering wheel that displays some basic information. You can see at what speed we go, in what mode, battery level and some other information. The scooter offers three driving modes: economical in which the speed is limited to 15 km / h, normal and sporty for people who want maximum power offered in series. Surely, after a few months, it will be possible to unlock additional power by changing the software.

The new Xiaomi scooter is equipped with a 18650 mAh battery. The level of charge can be controlled using the application or on the display. In terms of safety, the scooter has a rear and front brake with energy recovery and a warning light when braking. The total weight is 14,2 kg, you can also fold as the first generation to easily bring to the apartment or fit in the trunk.

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Xiaomi M365 Pro has been priced at 2799 yuan, $ 413. The sale will begin on 18 February at 10: 00 in China. I wonder when the global version will be available for sale in Xiaomi salons around the world.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is now available in pre-sale in the store You can buy cheaper in the store Banggood and it is the best offer on the market. Of course, more expensive than in China because the price includes the cost of transport.

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