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LYU Light Travel Micro - Xiaomi presents a dying product

Bag for the camera

Digital cameras are slowly becoming a thing of the past, no doubt. Soon there will be only higher-end models for professionals. top smartphones have cameras that make beautiful pictures, 97% of people in the world are enough. There is no problem for the photos taken with a smartphone to be printed or sent to the TV and show to friends. Speaking of printing and photos, I ordered a portable Xiaomi printer, I'm waiting for it to come. Despite the disappearing trend, Xiaomi decided to launch a camera bag called LYU Light Travel Micro on the market

LYU Light Travel Micro

LYU Light Travel Micro

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The main task of a photo bag is convenient and safe transport. The Xiaomi product was made from a combination of fibrous material and fabric. It can withstand everyday rainfall without problems, it is resistant to splashes. Can be carried or hung on the shoulder thanks to a special strap. Inside there is a 10mm foam that absorbs shocks and also provides protection against compression. On the sides there are two small pockets that have zip fasteners. Perfect storage for the battery charger. There is a special hidden pocket on the back wall. A place where you can hide a payment card, ID card or a port.

LYU Light Travel Micro is sold at 239 yuan, $ 37. It is available in three colors: yellow, dark blue and the color of rotten green? military green? One thing is certain, it is a product that I will definitely not buy.

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