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Do you like physical activity? A new treadmill Xiaoqiao SmartRun has hit the Youpin platform

Yesterday, Xiaomi presented a new treadmill, currently located in a crowdfunding campaign. Each collection lasts 14 days, so 13 days remain until the end of collecting money for the new treadmill, at the moment 283% of the amount needed has been collected. The Xiaoqiao SmartRun treadmill is managed by Shanghai Wenjia industrial Co., Ltd.

Do you like physical activity? Xiaoqiao SmartRun hit the Youpin platform

Look? Personally, I did not feel her design. I value modern and minimal-looking items, and the new treadmill in my opinion is not, looks old. If I saw her at home, it would not encourage me to buy and run. Certainly there are people who like it or they do not care about it, so I will go to the details. Xiaoqiao SmartRun treadmill has touch buttons and LED display. The engine of the Japanese company Fuji is responsible for the drive. In terms of depreciation, as described on the website Youpin the treadmill has a unique, patented Silkworm system - you have to wait for the first tests of users to see how it works. The system not only has to protect the tripod, but also provides a "quiet run" neighbors downstairs will not complain about night-time joggers.

Xiaoqiao SmartRun

House treadmills should be equipped with a folding mechanism to take up as little space as possible. In the Xiaoqiao product is a special hebel, if you move it, the handle folds and the treadmill can be inserted under the furniture or placed next to them. The folded device can stand vertically and it only takes 202 mm width and its height is 1490 mm. The folded treadmill occupies 1490 mm x 700 mm x 1182 mm and weighs 39.5 kg. The maximum pressure that it can withstand is 100 kg.

Time for what I like the most, ie smart functions. The treadmill connects to the smartphone, and the app allows you to monitor your workouts and suggests how the workout should look like so that the next time the result would be even better. It also offers HIT interval training and the selection of the right training depending on the age and experience of the runner.

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Xiaoqiao SmartRun Xiaoqiao SmartRun

The Xiaoqiao SmartRun treadmill has been priced in China for 999 yuan, $ 145. Shipping to first customers will begin on 24 January 2019, will it go outside China? There is a chance for this because "walker"The Gearbest store sends and is also quite sizable.