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Lervana Tens Pulse Therapy Massage Machine - help for the body

LERAVAN TENS Pulse Therapy Massage Machine

At one time in telemarketing the wonderful devices that we put on the body were celebrating and using the nerves' electrical stimulation caused the "work" of the muscles. After a few months, the body was supposed to look like a gym after a year without a drop of sweat. Maybe some of you bought these wonders? Or do you know someone? Lervana Tens Pulse Therapy Massage Machine from Xiaomi is a similar product in principle, but nobody tells us that we "pack". It has strictly healing properties.

Lervana Tens Pulse Therapy Massage Machine helps to relax the body, thanks to the technology of TENS, or percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The application has many: pain treatment, treatment of muscle atrophy, restores motor function, reduces fatigue, helps to relax.


The box is solid, made of thick cardboard, a big difference to the aromatherapy device that I described recently, of course on the plus side of the massager.

Inside is also better, everything is neatly arranged. An accurately designed space.

LERAVAN TENS Pulse Therapy Massage Machine

Inside there is a massage device, electrode set, storage plate, storage case, charging cable and instruction manual in Chinese.

Charging takes place through the micro-USB port, you need a charger from your phone. Three hours of charging will be enough for an 15-minute massage for a week.

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Lervana Tens Pulse Therapy Massage Machine has 10-intensity intensity in 5 modes, determined by Xiaomi as follows: automatic, massage, pressure, kneading and impact. We switch modes using the button on the top of the device. Holding down the 2 second turns on / off and the short press changes mode. + and - on the front they are used to regulate the "strength" of the massage.

How does it work?LERAVAN TENS Pulse Therapy Massage Machine

We fix the device to the set of electrodes and we can start a massage, we should "stick" the massager to our body. However, stick this wrong word in this case. The massager is holding the body with a special gel / glue which after the photo does not make the body stick. After the massage session, the skin is smooth, just as it was before the massage. Xiaomi declares that you need to replace the sets of electrodes for new ones after 50 uses.

At the beginning I decided to massage the inside of the forearm. I glued and turned on, with the first strength of the massage, feel like a pulse "spread over my muscles". When I increased my power, my impulses caused my hand to "live my life", involuntary bending my arm in my elbow. Then I decided to stick on the neck, and here I was happy with the massage. It was nice to spread around the neck, after a full day of work the computer works very well. A big plus is the very compact size of the device.

I bought my moro version in the store Gearbest for 16 $ in the promotion, but it is currently more expensive. IN promotion versions are available in another design.

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