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Uleemark jacket, perfect for autumn weather

Autumn is approaching and a new product has hit the Xiaomi financing platform, perfectly fitting in this period. The new Uleemark jacket has a warm lining and a waterproof layer to protect against autumn rains. The product reached the required amount on the 149 crowdfunding platform.

Uleemark jacket

The jacket will provide very good protection against rain and cold thanks to the aforementioned lining. It is a fleece that can be unfastened and used separately. In the same way you can use the jacket itself in the role of rainwear when it is warm outside and it is raining. The outer part was made of three layers to provide effective protection against rain and wind.

Uleemark jacket

It has pockets both external and internal, in which you can bury your gadgets. The inside pocket also has a special hole for the headphone cord. The Uleemark men's jacket is available in white or black. There are five sizes to choose from: S, M, L, XL and XXL.

I already have two jackets from Xiaomi and the size agrees with the European one, you can order the same sizes. The quality of the models I have is very good and I am happy to buy a new model.

Xiaomi Uleemark jacket

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The new Uleemark kurta was priced in China for 399 yuan, $ 58. Shipping to the first customers will start 7 October 2018.

Uleemark jacket