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VH induction mug and charger that heat your coffee

In the shop I came across an interesting Xiaomi product that will come in handy soon when cooler days come. Speech with a special mug and induction charger. It was created by the company VH which already has several accessories for smartphone and chargers in the Xiaomi ecosystem.Induction cup and charger from VH

Induction cup and charger from VH

The new VH product was made in Japanese style, from ceramics. It is available in two colors, black or coffee with milk. The diameter is 83 mm, and the height 87 mm. If we place the cup on the charger, the contents will be heated to around 55 degrees Celsius. We will not boil the water in it, but it will be perfect for maintaining the temperature.

XIAOMI VH Wireless Charging Electric Cup

If you take the cup off the stand it can be used as a normal smartphone charger. In the Xiaomi offer, only the Mi Mix 2s model supports wireless charging, but if someone has a Samsung smartphone, it is already available for a long time. The charger has an 5V output voltage and 2A current.

The product will work for coffee lovers who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Coffee warmer and induction charger in one.

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XIAOMI VH Wireless Charging Electric Cup

XIAOMI VH Wireless Charging Electric Cup

The product is currently available in pre-sale in the store for $ 33.99. I managed to buy $ 4 cheaper, the first 20 people had a lower price. When 100 people order a product, the price will increase to $ 35.99, shipping to the first people will start at the latest on September 9. From experience, I can say that the Bangood store mostly shipped items a few days earlier.