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Another Xiaomi product for our Smart Homes, remote controlled Xiaomi blinds.

Automatically uncovering windows when we get up? This situation appears in most films with smart homes. Now and Xiaomi fulfills this vision, thanks to Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor.

Xiaomi on the crowdfunding platform presented a new product, an intelligent curtain motor. Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor operates in the communication protocol with low power consumption ZigBee, for action is needed intelligent central unit home from Xiaomi. We can counter the curtain using the MiHome application.

Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor

Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor

We can set different scenes. Automatically blinds after sunset, and uncovering at sunrise. Set the hour at which the engine is to operate. Can be combined with the Xiaomi switch and bulbs. You can go a step further. Create a scene with a motion sensor and will automatically be exposed when it detects movement in the room, and obstruct when we leave the room. There is a lot of possibilities, it depends on us how we use it.

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Xiaomi added the manual unveiling function, when we lightly pull the curtain, it will automatically close / open. The applied limit switches and protections will stop the motor movement when it encounters an obstacle. Remote controlled Xiaomi blinds operate quietly below 30dB.

remote controlled Xiaomi blinds

I think I have to start thinking about moving, because unfortunately I do not have where to use automatic blinds 😉

Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor is currently in pre-sale in the store Gearbest, shipping will begin on 23 May.

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