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Queues for a new frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

On the first of November, the official sale of the most-prestigious Xiaomi smartphone, the Mi Mix 3, began. As with the premier smartphones of other manufacturers, queues formed in front of the stores. If someone wanted to buy Mi Mix 3 in Beijing, he had to come definitely earlier so that it would be enough for him.

Queues for a new frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Queues for a new frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Lei Jun, CEO Xiaomi is active on social media. He published photos of people waiting in the queue for their dream smartphone. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is very much desired by many people and unfortunately it was quickly sold out, another offline sale will be 11 / 11. Shops that offer shipment of devices to the European Union type Gearbest, Banggood they also have problems with accessibility.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 official presentation

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The shipment of the black model is foreseen only on November 19-21. If you want to have Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 choose as soon as possible green model 8 / 128 GB, shipping is scheduled for November 12-14.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a smartphone that has a 6,29 diagonal screen in AMOLED technology. Thanks to a mechanically extendable casing, the front of the device is practically the screen itself. Only after spreading out will we show the sensors and dual front selfie camera.