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How to buy Bitcon? Cryptocurrency, I started.

How to buy Bitcon

Apparently, the train does not get on board, and the train called Kryptocutut has been going for a long time. Recently, due to futures contracts on stock exchanges, it accelerated, you can call it Pendolino. Does he have a chance to become a Japanese Shinkansen? I belive it. Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad wrote:

I've never met someone who really likes to waste money. Throughout all my years, I have not met a rich person who has never lost money. However, I met many poor people who never lost even a cent ... in investments.Robert Kiyosaki

Who follows mine Twitter knows that a week ago I started my adventure with cryptocurrencies. My level of knowledge can be described as zero, but I like it and I will share in what I invest. I already have a few small successes, but I will return to that later. At the beginning, I will present where I trade, how I started, what mistakes I made.

How to buy Bitcon?

The first thing we need to do to start operating on the cryptocurrency market is to buy the first bitcona. Due to the fact that at this moment 63 is worth thousands of gold, few people will invest so much. We can even deposit 100 PLN, for which we will receive 0.00133728 BTC, which we can exchange into other cryptocurrencies on stock exchanges or store and convert back to PLN when it reaches the value we have set.

Where did I buy?

I started my adventure on the weekend, when the banks do not carry out transactions. I am in hot water and I wanted to have my BTC, already! I used the portal, because in this exchange office you do not need to verify your account as on the stock exchanges, that is, give all your data and send a scan of your ID card and wait until they check the sent data. The only thing we have to provide is the address of the portfolio on which BTCs are to be sent. A cool wallet to start with if we do not want to keep big money Blockchain. When I look at it in retrospect, BitCantor was the wrong choice. BitCantor has a larger BTC exchange rate than, for example, a stock exchange and we still have to pay the commission fee.

There are also foreign services available to purchase Bitcoin, such as Coinify, however, I did not want to pay fees for currency conversion in the bank when paying with a + card to the commission, often 2% as in the case of BitCantor. I did not want to use the currency. I tried to pay with the card RevolutHowever, the transactions were canceled, 3D Secure security problems were being discarded. I checked three foreign exchange offices, each time the same.

The best way to buy BitCon in my opinion is ...

exchange AbuCoins.comThis is a Polish stock exchange which also has free transactions until the end of March if you enter the "MARCH" code. Why Abucoins? It has a zero commission on deposit if we choose a bank transfer. Bank deposits are authorized only from Monday to Friday. I know, because yesterday I paid by instant transfer and the account was still not credited. If we want to top up our account, we can use the Dotpay service and then the funds will go immediately to the portfolio in AbuCoins. However, you will be charged 1,9% commission and the maximum payment is 4 thousands of zlotys. If someone decides to buy on the above exchange, they do not have to set up their portfolio, for example in Blockhcain, because it is built into the stock exchange. However, I warn against storing large sums of money on stock exchanges, sometimes it happens that stock exchanges are hacked and money is lost. The safest place to keep cryptocurrency are offline wallets in the form of pendrives, such as Ledget Nano S.

Update, my payment was posted on Saturday at 14, and I made an instant transfer on 18 on Friday. They also book on Saturdays.

If you do not want to trade BTC, just store it and wait for the value to increase is a cool option - Revolut!

Last week Revolut introduced the possibility of buying BTC via the smartphone app at the current rate. The downside is that we can not pass the BTC on the stock market and trade it. For now, we can not transfer anywhere, just wait until the value will increase and return to PLN or another currency, maybe future possibilities will be expanded. The second downside is that Revolut does not provide everyone with the Cryptocurrencies option for the moment. We need to have a premium account that costs less than 30 PLN or invite three people to use the Revolut app.

As for the application itself, if someone goes abroad or makes payments in other currencies I highly recommend Revolut. For example, we only have one zloty on our Revolut account and we buy something in China for USD. We pay, and the card will automatically convert zloty into US dollars at the current exchange rate, without commissions.

We bought BTC what next?

Now we can wait until the value grows and withdraw in PLN or trade on the stock exchange. Buy other coffers when they are cheap and sell when they are expensive. All transactions are settled in BTC before we trade. I managed to shoot three times in a good moment. For example, I invested 1000 PLN in Cardanoafter two days I sold for 2600 PLN. The transactions were, of course, carried out in BTC, but here it shows the value in PLN to better show profit.

What kind of stock exchanges do I recommend? - as I wrote, with the "MARCH" coupon, the commission until the end of March is PLN 0 for trading on the stock exchange. - a much larger number of cryptocurrencies in the stock portfolio compared to AbuCoins. Is IOTA and CARDANO which I really wanted to buy. - this is the exchange on which the semi-automatic BOT trades, Crypto Agent I will describe it in the next post. For beginners, that is me, a very interesting option. - initially I intended to use this exchange, but the verification lasted until 5 days and I stayed on Binance.Bitcoin

In short, he buys BTC on and trades at Someone of you already works on the cryptocurrency market? In a year.