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Smart Xiaomi Yunmi table with built-in fridge

I Have Read and Agree to Submission Policy Viomi involved in the creation of household appliances products presented a new table for the living room, which fulfills both the roles of the multimedia center and the refrigerator. Ideally suited to events.

Smart Xiaomi Yunmi table with built-in fridge

The table dimensions are 1300 mm x 459 mm x 665 mm, and weighs 58kg. The table has two pull-out modular drawers that are like a refrigerator for drinks and other products. Loading capacity is 130 liters. The refrigerator is able to cool the beverage to a temperature from 1 ° C to 12 ° C. Each drawer is controlled separately and other temperatures can be set. If you want to store eg chips, you can completely turn off the cooling in one of the drawers.

Smart Xiaomi Yunmi table with built-in fridge

At the top there is a touch panel that allows you to control the refrigerator and speakers. The speakers have the power of 20 W. Sound can be streamed through bluetooth or put music files in one of the two USB ports that are on the side. USB sockets can also be used for charging the smartphone, the current in them is 2,1A. In addition to the USB sockets, the Xiaomi Yunmi smart table also has a 3,5 mm jack socket.

The Xiaomi Yunmi smart table with a built-in fridge has been priced in China for 2499 yuan, $ 362. Because of the weight I advise will not be sold in Europe, it's a shame.

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