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Intelligent washing machine Viomi

A washing machine is an indispensable element of a household, it allows us to save a lot of time. Technology goes ahead in every field, the washing machines also have smart versions that are not limited to just one function, cleaning the clothing. There are many washing machines on the Polish market offering management via a smartphone. Xiaomi also in this sector I see the field crop and together with the Viomi company present a new product, a smart washing machine.

Intelligent washing machine Viomi

Intelligent washing machine Viomi

The Viomi product is a washing machine, the Chinese manufacturer boasts that it better protects clothing during washing. It has a 8 kg capacity and 1200 RPM power per minute. The washing temperature is 40 degrees, the washing machine heats the water to this temperature before the washing process to ensure stronger cleaning products.

There are many programs available to the user, one of them is a very fast 15-minute cleaning program. It will work when we load about 2 kg of clothes into the drum. If dirty clothing has accumulated more, you can use the 32-minute program that can handle a drum filled with three kilograms of clothes. Two programs will work perfectly when you do not need to load a full drum, save time and money through less water and electricity consumption.

The washing machine connects to the Mi Home application on smartphones. However, I have not found out whether it is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Viomi boasts that the washing machine works very quietly but I did not find any information about the noise emitted in db.

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The promotional graphics are scary, like from the market. Xiaomi, this is not the way.

The intelligent Viomi washing machine has been priced in China for 1499 yuan, $ 218. It will debut on the Asian market 28 August, then the product will go officially for sale. Anyone who decides to order before the debut will receive a discount 100 yuan. I would definitely be more interested in another one a washing machine from Xiaomi that can be mounted on the wall, but it is not sent to Europe.