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Hashflare - My third investment in the crypto world. (discount for the purchase of 5%)


My third and for the moment the last investment in the crypto world is the bitcoin excavator. At first, I thought about physically standing at home. I even found special graphics cards for excavators, without leaving the monitor to reduce costs. I also got in the store Gearbest for special, ready excavators. However, after converting costs, I decided to purchase computing power in the cloud. I entrusted the task to a specialist, a company Hashflare. The projected start-up profit at the current bitcoin rate is over 500%, and it can be even larger.

What is this Hashflare company?

Estonian company that offers the sale of computing power, thanks to which we can extract several types of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the most popular one. At this point, the most profitable. We do not need to have any knowledge, just click, pay for power and track profits. We sign the mining contract for a year.

What is the return on investment?

The purchase of 1TH / s costs in Hashflare 150 $, it does not matter how much we buy. There is no discount for more. If you decide to 100Th / s, you have to pay 15 thousands of dollars. The lowest price for the purchase of computing power is 1,5 $. You can buy extra power at any time. To analyze the profits, I invite you to calculator. Sample graphic:

For this you need to add a company fee for vchunki, staff, and maintenance of equipment. It is 0.35 $ for one 1 TH / s per day. For example, if we buy an annual contract for BTC extraction, we will pay 1 $ for the 150 Th / s processing capacity. During the year, we will earn 792 $, after deducting the commission of the company. The amount may vary, however, everything depends on the price of bitcoin. According to me at the end of 2018 year, the bitcoin value will be much higher. Profits are transferred to your account on a daily basis, you can withdraw or reinvest to increase your computing power. The most profitable mining plan for this moment is SHA-256.

How much power did I buy?

I decided at the beginning on 15Th / s, but after a few days I analyzed the situation and decided to significantly increase the computing power. I bought another TH, currently the power is 55,14Th / s. My investment profit after one year and after deducting the initial costs and commission is expected to be 42 thousands of dollars! As I wrote earlier, I think it will be higher. We extract bitcoin, higher bitcoin value, greater profit. The investment is to be repaid after + - 65 days, the remaining 300 days will work for pure profit.

I created a special one Googel sheet, on which I will regularly enter data so that you can follow the progress. My Hashflar profit, grow! Investments are, now it's time to go back to Xiaomi gear and wait for profits 🙂

hashflare profit

How to start?

Enough set up an account at Hashflare and buy power, that's all. For many, it can be a great investment at the beginning because of simplicity. We do not need to buy bitcoins, create a portfolio, transfer between the stock exchange and Hashflare. We can pay with a debit / credit card, a few of my friends, which is why I chose the excavator at the beginning.

Discount on purchase

After creating an account, when placing an order, simply enter the rebate code HF17PROF5. Important note, changing the address of the wallet to withdraw funds will result in blocking payouts for two weeks for security purposes. I did it ... and now I am waiting.

Current discount coupons are in spreadsheet, constantly updated.

5% - HF17OEWL23S5


hashflarupdate 19.12.2017

Hashflare has raised prices! Now 1TH / s costs $ 220, so it has increased by 70 $. There was also information that the number available contracts for extracting SHA-256 is limited and soon the number will run out. As in the case of other mines, such as Genesis Mining, where it was only unprofitable to mine Monero. Who did not make it, regret it. However, anyway, it's not bad, after a payback, the return on investment is after + - 105 days, the 260 days of profit remain.

update 2.01.2018

Despite the increase, I decide to buy more processing power, I still see a very good profit from the excavator.

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