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Handle for push-ups from the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform

I like physical activity, be fit. In recent months, Apple Watch motivates me to move more, thanks to monthly challenges. For example, this month I have to burn 24 700 calories and unfortunately I lazed around a bit. Only 3 days left until the end of May, and I have more than 4 thousands of kcal to burn. For sure it will be the end of the month for me, but I will do it - the medal for the month's challenges must be!

Some time ago, an interesting product from Yunmai appeared on the Xiaomi sales platform called Youpin. It is a special platform with a dozen or so holes and special handles. Among my friends, no one knew what the gadget was for, and this is just a push-up handle.

Each color is responsible for the involvement of another muscle group during push-ups. I can honestly say that I was skeptical about this product but after the first training I changed my mind. When I hold the handles my chest muscles are working much better than keeping my hands flat on the ground.

A year ago I used the application designed to call "pump training", from novice to the person who will perform 100 in one series. I remember that I did not finish the entire training plan. Once I did not want to do a workout, and then I have notoriously postponed ... and unfortunately it failed. I got to + - 70 pushups in one series, I was so close! The key to success? Do not post a single workout!

I came back to this application when I got a handle for Yunmai push-ups and I started from the intermediate level .. after a few days I gave up. I was not able to perform the assumed number of repetitions, although I managed to make it a year ago without the use of handles. I started training again, this time I chose the lowest level of difficulty. Pumps with handles, a different hand position are definitely more difficult and involve the chest more firmly. The cage is definitely more pumped, so far it only trains on the outer blue color. I will later turn to the shoulders, currently I focus on the cage.

I'll finish the 1 level soon and move to the second one.

What I like about the Yunmai product is folding. The platform has specially holes in which we put the handles and fold in half. Thanks to this, the handles are used as a transport handle. Pray "transport", but thanks to such a solution the handles will not be lost because they will always be with the platform. I recommend it if you do not have time for a gym and you want to work out at home.

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Another important plus in the Yunmai product is the position of the wrists, it is "healthier" because they are not at an angle of 90 degrees.

For two workouts, I finish level one. Then 19 trainings on the second level in which I will perform 50 push-ups in one series on the last. If everything goes well then on the third level in the last 25 training I will do 100 push-ups in one series. May it succeed

I bought the Yunmai handle in the store

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