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Giving Assistant - reduce shopping costs.

Due to the fact that Xiaomi brand devices are officially unavailable in Poland (except for telephones and cameras), I order directly in Asia. A few months ago I came across a service Giving Assistant. Which offers so-called cashback. The service is that you buy a product in one of the populated online stores, and the service offers a refund of some of the costs incurred. The percentage of return depends on the given store.

The websites I use most often:

  • Aliexpress - 6%
  • - 7%
  • Gearbest .com- 2%
  • 10%

I managed to accumulate 148,33 $, because it cost me just a few seconds with every purchase. You think it's worth it. I highly recommend this service. I never had a problem that I did not make a purchase. Cashback is independent of the promotions in stores, it is always charged for purchases.

If you create an account with this link . We'll both get after 5 $, good morning. Funds are paid every Monday if the value of w Current Earning will exceed 5,99 $. Each purchase first lands at All Time Earnings, then during the maximum of 60 days it goes to Current assistant

How to start your adventure with Giving Assistant?

I recommend logging in the private browser mode (incognito) and you must disable Adblock and other content blocking plugins. Otherwise, you will not receive 5 $ registrations.

Enter your e-mail address, preferably use the e-mail associated with the Paypal account, click GO. You can also through Facebook, personally I am not convinced to this site.

Enter the password and click NEXT.


The special Giving Assistant button can be omitted by clicking on "Skip this - I like missing cashback opportunities.


The account has been created, click Start earning. You can already start buying that return. Start the browser in private mode and disable Adblock in the search bar on the page enter the name of the store you want to shop in. In my case this is You immediately see how much cashback is in a given store. currently has assistant

It remains to click Show Now, log in to the store and buy what you wanted. Cashback will be added to your account Giving Assistant within a few hours to 7 days.


In order for funds to be paid, you must set up an account. We're going to My Account.

giving assistant

Then Settings.

giving assistant

Earned money can be withdrawn, the slider next to the number two arrow moved to the left or move it to the right and part of the money will be donated to charity. What we choose depends on us. If you decide to make the funds go to you, you must fill in the data with the 1 number arrow. After filling in the data, select payouts to the Paypal account and wait until the funds in Current Earnings exceed 5,99 $.givingassistant
The Polish alternative for Giving Assistant is, I also recommend to join. Sometimes they have nice actions with promotions such as 30% cashback on Aliexpress. I managed to catch dwa twice

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