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Gearbest - payment in PLN.

gearbest payment This is my favorite store from which I order Chinese gadgets, in the last week he followed in the footsteps of Aliexpress and established cooperation with the transfer services, introduced the possibility of payment by bank transfers, with low currency conversion and commission.

The previous payment method

So far, during orders in the store we could pay with a card or via Paypal. If someone is a Chinese gadget, just like I could set up a currency account (my bank services are in T-Mobile - it's free) and an account on the online currency exchange service, I chose ______. We deposit X zlotys into the currencies and define at which rate they are to be exchanged for dollars or exchange for dollars at once - at the best possible rate at the moment. Usually, it is a few groszy more than the current dollar exchange rate. The entire transaction from the time we withdraw money from our account to withdrawing in another currency takes about 30 minutes. You can of course pay with a normal debit card from our bank for purchases, but remember that the bank will convert the amount and it will not be a few pennies, and several dozen (mostly 10-30gr for a dollar, we can find detailed information on our bank website). With larger sums, the difference becomes significant.

New payment method -

Now, after placing the order, we can choose the payment via the service will automatically convert the cost of the product so that we can pay in zlotys. Then, we send a regular domestic transfer to the data that is provided to us by the transfers service. Thanks to the online payment, the transfer is posted within a few seconds and the order is paid correctly.

Profitability? How much we overpay by

On the example Scooter Xiaomi. which is currently in the promotion, will show how much "it costs" to use the new payment system at

Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter currently costs 399,99 $, currency conversion in the current dollar exchange rate: 1479,96 PLN.

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The amount in Polish currency by the transfer form 24 is PLN 1504,76.

The rate at which 24 transfers converted our purchase is 3,76 $, the current 3,70 dollar exchange rate. We have paid 6gr for 1 $ and 25 PLN for all scooters. If we paid with a card (for example from BGŻ BNP PARIBAS bank), the dollar would be 3,83 - the scooter cost would have been higher by PLN XNUMx than the dollar payment.

As you can see, Poland cooperates with a Chinese store it allows us to save 27 PLN, We can save the money saved for a "better" shipping method.

However, I advise you to watch out for prices at, sometimes they are attractive and sometimes highly inflated. When buying more expensive items, I recommend checking out the competition first. I also invite you to follow if I come across any interesting promotion I will share.