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Replace with Mi 8, Xiaomi encourages you to buy an old flagship

In the vast majority of cases, the presentation of a new model is associated with a downgrade of the older version. 20 February Xiaomi presented the new flagship Mi 9, and a day later announced the discount on Mi 8 Pro. Customers who do not need the latest device can still buy very good Mi 8 Pro until 500 yuan cheaper.

Replace with Mi 8

The Chinese giant is again urging fans to buy Mi 8 through advertising graphics. "Exchange on Mi 8" is a perfect offer for people who have a tight budget. In the coming weeks, Xiaomi will update the camera software in the Mi 8, so that the quality of the offered photos will get closer to those of the new Mi 9. This is not the first time when Xiaomi uses the newer model and implements it to the older one. The same procedure was carried out with a non-framer Mi Mix 3 and Mi 8 or Mi Mix 2S.

Xiaomi Mi 8 is still a very good smartphone. It has a processor from Qualcomm, model Snapdragon 845 which was the most efficient SoC in the 2018 year. If you want to pay the contactless there is no problem, Mi 8 has NFC and you can pay by bringing your smartphone to the terminal.

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Replace with Mi 8

If you want to save it buy Mi 8 at For the 6 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, you will pay $ 387 simply enter the rebate code: 3BGM86128. For comparison, officially, Mi 8 in Poland costs 2199 PLN for the 6 + 64 variant. Buying in Banggood, China, you only pay 1470 PLN for 6 / 128GB! Remember to select Priority Direct Mail or EU Priority Line shipping methods.

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