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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 screen noticed in the picture

This is the next episode of the Mi Mix 3 saga, which will last at least another month, because only in October Xiaomi will officially present its new "frameless". Today on the web appeared a photo of the Mi Mix screen 3, on which you can see the frames that match the previous graphics of the new model.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 screen noticed in the picture

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 screen noticed in the picture

The new device is supposed to be for the first time in the history of Xiaomi equipped with a sliding back, in which all sensors currently in notch will be buried, i.e. a camera, a light sensor, a self-lighting diode and a notification diode. Notch is a fashionable notch at the top of the screen, which was started by Apple and which is now imitated by other producers. This is by far the most obvious trend that we can observe in the top (and not only) 2018 smartphones of the year.

The fingerprint reader will probably be placed the same as in the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, i.e. built into the display. CEO Xiaomi announced that the Mi Mix 3 will be presented in October. It is a few hours after the Apple conference where the new iPhone was presented. I do not want to buy it, I still have nice kidneys. For the iPXS Max Apple asked 5479 zlotys. I think that for a much smaller amount I will buy the Mi Mix 3, which will fully meet my requirements regarding speed, image quality and standby time.

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This is how the Mi Mix 3 will look, with the slider unfolded. AND here you can see how the sliding of the smartphone works.

CEO Xiaomi confirms Mi Mix 3 in October and presents the photo