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The flood sensor - another element of the smart home from Xiaomi

flood sensor xiaomia

Xiaomi Smart Water Sensor - the hero of today's entry and the hero of my unlucky bag, is a small device which I would rather not "hear". Will inform you when our four angles will be flooded.

xiaomi water sensor

The flood sensor, another element of the Xiaomi puzzle called Smart Home. This is a small device with dimensions 5xXUMUM and height 5cm, which needs to be used Xiaomi gates. Smart Water Sensor is placed on a flat surface that can be flooded - around the washing machine, dishwashers, basements. The flood sensor detects water from the 0,5mm level and above. It is powered by a CR2032 battery (cost + -4 PLN), it communicates via Zigbee, thanks to which one battery lasts for two years.

xiaomi water leak


The principle of operation is simple, the device pair with the gateway in the Mi Home application. The sensor has a hidden button which is located under the drop symbol on the front of the device. During pairing, we need to press the button for 5 seconds. Then create a scene, for example if I detect the water, it will attach a siren in the Gateway. You can also receive a notification on your smartphone, start recording through Xiaomi cameras. What will happen after the detection of water depends on us, we can link the flood sensor with any Xiaomi device that we have added in the MiHome application. There is nothing to describe here, I've been around for a few months now and "sits quietly". When I put it on the tray and poured water into it, it detected flooding. Works, period.

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Flooded sensorand this is a device of the same category as gas, smoke detectors. They are, but it's better that I "do not hear them". In my opinion, it is worth buying and putting in the kitchen, bathroom or basement. It costs 50 PLN, it can help to minimize the effects of a potential failure.

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