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Xiaomi smoke sensor. A much-anticipated novelty from a Chinese manufacturer.

Honeywell smoke detector

Xiaomi has introduced what many people have been waiting for, a smoke detector. So far, only the camera could capture the sound of another sensor and send notification on the smartphone. Now we get a separate device that works fully with the gate. The device was made together with Honeywell.

The Honeywell smoke detector is a professional device for detecting and signaling a fire. When the smoke concentration in the room reaches the alarm value, the device emits a sound and light signal and sends a notification to the smartphone. All sensor manufacturers recommend that you press the test button on the device for a given period of time - usually every month to check that it works correctly. Honeywell together with Xiaomi introduced a very nice option, thanks to which we will not have to "climb" to the ceiling to press the test button, we can do it using our smartphone in the MiHome application. You can also define that the device automatically performs a test automatically every month and if it is incorrect you will receive an appropriate notification. As I wrote above, the smoke detector is mounted on the ceiling. Unlike the carbon monoxide sensor, where it should be mounted at the correct height on the wall. Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not yet decided to introduce a carbon monoxide sensor.

New from Xiaomi is powered by a battery, CR123A - 3V. Thanks to the use of an intelligent processor with low power consumption, the battery life is 5 years. Of course, when the battery is depleted, we will receive a notification in the MiHome application. Dimensions 90mmx36mm, and weighs 100g. It can work in temperatures from -10 to + 55 degrees. The smoke detector is mounted on the ceiling, not like a rock burst on the wall.

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smoke sensor Xiaomi
smoke sensor Xiaomi
smoke sensor Xiaomi

The Xiaomi smoke sensor is currently in a crowdfunding campaign and costs 149 yuan, 22 $.

Pictures come from the Xiaomi website.

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