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Black Shark 2 Pro is now available! The most powerful smartphone on the market

At 15: 00 of Chinese Time (9: 00 in Poland), an official conference related to the new Black Shark 2 Pro model took place. The new model is not much different from its predecessor visually. Shark 2 Pro still has sharp edges that reflect the sharp temper of this gaming smartphone series.


As I mentioned earlier, the smartphone is very similar to its predecessor. At the back there is a small projection to improve the grip of the phone, and the logo of the company is placed on the hump. In the upper right corner there are two lenses that will be responsible for improving the photographic section. The Black Shark 2 Pro has a slightly different camera configuration than its predecessor. The rear camera contains the basic Sony IMX586 48 megapixel camera, which is accompanied by an additional 13 megapixel lens.

The manufacturer has also provided us with a wider range of smartphone colors.

It will be available in several colors, namely Bolt (black and green), Freezing Blade (gray-blue), Racing (blue with red details), Flamingo (red with black details) and Myth Ray (purple-blue).


The Black Shark 2 Pro screen has been enlarged to 6,39 inch AMOLED, and its resolution remains FullHD + (2340 x XUMUM pixels). The producer, one of the first, used on his smartphone refresh rate which is 1080 Hz, the highest result to date has had OnePlus 240 Pro, which has 7 Hz. According to the manufacturer, this allows for an exact touch which is 90 milliseconds and 34,7 accuracy of a millimeter. In addition, 0,3 dimming has been used, which reduces display flickering.


Black Shark 2 Pro was presented at the conference in two versions available on the Chinese market:

  • Black Shark 2 Pro 12 + 128 GB : 2999 yuan (1670 pln).
  • Black Shark 2 Pro 12 + 256 GB : 3499 yuan (1957 pln).

The Snapdragon 855 Plus processor that was used in Shark 2 Pro offers a maximum clock speed of 2,96 GHz, which is slightly higher than 2,84 GHz Snapdragon 855. What is important, Black Shark 2 Pro has a huge score in AnTuTu and is over 400, which is the highest result in the world.

The operating system is Android 9 Pie and has an interesting implementation: Dock 4.0. It is a set of tools that allow you to control the device during the game. It also allows you to clear RAM, share screenshots on social networks, and block calls to avoid distractions while playing.

Using all of these components to work with the most demanding games can be an extra treat. Black Shark 2 Pro is introduced to the market with "Liquid Cooling 3.0", a new technology developed by a company that reduces temperature by 2,6 degrees in the area in which the processor and GPU are. Regarding the battery, this is the 4000 mAh capacity with fast charging of the 27 W.

Black Shark 2 Pro available for sale will be from 2 August 2019 year, but unfortunately only in China. We are waiting for information when it appears on the European market.

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