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Aromatherapy Xiaomi, nice it! [Extracting]

Aromatherapy Xiaomi

In November, I wrote that Xiaomi is introducing an aromatherapy device to the market. I'm lucky because I managed to take a test copy, availability is low in online stores. It is a pity that I did not get any oils ...

Aromatherapy Xiaomi

The box is no longer as elegant as it is in the case kettleyou can see that this is not a Xiaomi strikte product, the Chinese giant has once again collaborated with another company, in this case Viomi. The box came to me a little "tired of travel."

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The device inside has been protected with Styrofoam. However, it can be seen that the producer did not focus on designing the box. Most of Xiaomi's products have smaller boxes for the power supply, a special design of cardboard to make everything in its place, and here it is simply thrown in.

The device itself is made of inferior plastic than a kettle that looks perfect at its price. On the front there is a button to turn on the device, Bluetooth module and lighting effects. The power supply is unfortunately terminated with a Chinese plug and an adapter must be used. I do not have any oils at home, so I poured ordinary water into the appliance.

Aromatherapy Xiaomi, preferably in the dark ...

The device gives its values ​​when the light goes off. Smell, suitable music from the phone transmitted via Bluetooth and light effects. I think most women will be happy with such a gift! The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner would probably be ... but it is cheaper 😉