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Amazfit Verge Lite offers 20 days on a single charge and AMOLED screen, and costs little

It's been a month since I received the Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch, it's a cheaper version of the Verge model. The Lite version has been stripped of some functions such as NFC (which does not work in Poland anyway), but has one extremely important advantage. Working time on one charge is 20 days, so says the manufacturer and in fact it is so in practice. The time has come to share with you the pros and cons that I noticed during everyday use of Amazfit Verge.

I described the design of the watch and the contents of the package in earlier entry. The watch was created for physically active people. The Amazfit Verge Lite case has been covered with a rubber material, which is why the watch is designed for a sports outfit, in the case of smart casual it will look bad. The watch case has an IP68 degree of airtightness, which means that you can take a shower, run in the rain, but you can not swim with it.

Display and battery

The two best things about Amazfit Verge Lite are the display and the battery. The AMOLED touch screen with 1.3 inch screen diagonal and 360 x 360 px resolution has very good quality of displayed content. There is no problem with reading messages in full sun. The case protrudes above the display, so there is no risk of scratches when we put the watch with the dial to the desk. I often accidentally hit the watch with various protruding objects, in this case the display hidden behind the protruding housing is also well protected. The Apple Watch I've used before has damage to the casing and scratches on the display.

Amazfit Verge Lite
weather forecast

The watch has only one button in the upper right corner which allows you to return to the main screen. All functions must be controlled by touch. The watch software does not have Polish language, everything is in English. The interface is simple and very transparent, after a few minutes there is no problem navigating the menu.

The battery keeps sensational, it is the watch's killer features! My watch has notifications from Messenger, SMS and 30 one minute training and 300 mAh battery withstands 20 days on one charge! If I turned off Messenger notifications, the result would certainly be even better. Full charging takes 2,5 hours through the included docking station.

Amazfit Verge Lite
Heart rate measured 24 hours a day

Training at a higher level for ambitious amateurs

Amazfit Verge Lite allows you to record 7 types of physical activity: outdoor running, treadmill running, walking, cycling, stationary cycling, elliptical cross trainer and gym exercises.

During training, the watch displays your pace and heart rate in real time. For me, pace is an insignificant parameter and during training I focus on heart rate. I try to run as soon as possible, but not crossing the safe heart rate zone. The watch allows you to set the alert by vibrating when your heart rate is too high.

GPS with GLONASS works perfectly. The route is determined with an accuracy of 2m, both in built-up and open areas. When I was running on the treadmill, in summary I can check when I was on the outside and when on the inside track. All completed workouts can be viewed from the level of the watch. There is no need to reach for a smartphone to check how we were doing at the previous training.

Amazfit Verge Lite

Amazfit Verge Lite connects to the Mi Fit application, which I think is a huge plus. From the application level, you can view all trainings recorded by the watch, our sleep and change the watch settings and the dial itself. The Mi Fit app has several different shields to choose from.

Mi Fit Amazfit Verge Lite

From the watch you can control the music played by the smartphone paired with it. So you can control both your favorite songs from Spotify and Apple Music.

One-time problem with operation during testing.

I used the Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch for a month and during that time it got stuck once, it did not respond to touch at all. I had to perform a hard reset by long pressing the button. The watch restarted and then it was fine.


If you have been using Amazfit BIP so far, which also works for a long time on one charge, and you would like a decent AMOLED screen then Verge Lite is for you. If you're using the Mi Band 4 or older and you would like to go a step further, Amazfit Verge Lite will also be a good choice. On a larger watch screen, SMS or Messenger notifications are much better to read. Amazfit Verge Lite will be a good choice for all people who are able to accept its strictly sporty appearance. Are you a beginner runner? Amazfit Verge Lite will also be a very good choice because of the value for money. How much does it cost? On many Poles' favorite website - Aliexpress, Amazfit Verge Lite can be bought for $ 99,99.

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