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Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core new chip in running shoes from Xiaomi

A year ago, Xiaomi presented sports running shoes with an intelligent chip mounted under the insole. I tested shoes and they are perfect for me every day. Three months ago, Xiaomi presented a new generation of shoes called Amazfit Antelope. I knew that the inside of the shoe will also be a chip, but I did not know if it will be the same as in the previous generation. Now I know, the electronics have been improved and the new chip is called Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core. No problem, you can order it separately.

Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core

Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core

The new six-axis sensor provides greater accuracy in tracking monitoring than the first generation, it is more precise. The collected data is sent via Bluetooth in the 4.0 version to the Mi Fit application on your smartphone. The new model also has a removable battery, but I hope that Xiaomi added a low battery message. In the first generation, unfortunately, I did not receive such a message and some of my results were lost.

Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core

Both the first and second generation of the chip from the outside looks exactly the same. Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core will fit both models of shoes. The chip is dedicated to people weighing less than 200 kg, that is for almost everyone. It has IP67, you can easily run in the rain.

Amazfit antelope

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For sale on AliExpress. shoes are already available Xiaomi Amazfit Antelope, and the chip itself in the new version, Amazfit 2 Dynamic Core.

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Xiaomi boasts of amazing shock absorption in the new Amazfit Antelope shoes, thanks to the new ERC system. According to the video created by the producer, he can absorb the fall of eggs from several dozen meters.

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