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Xiaomi Smart Socket - a smart socket for less than 50 PLN? Worth it?

xiaomi smart socket

I think each of us has a device at home, which goes all day without any need, on watch. When she sleeps or we are out of the house. We leave them turned on with laziness or forget to turn off. An intelligent Xiaomi socket will allow you to determine the working hours of the device or remotely turn off the device when we are out of the house (works in WiFI wireless standard and communicates with our router) No more wondering if you turned off the iron. The device has one button that allows you to turn on / off the socket without having to reach for the smartphone and a diode informing about the status of the device.

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To connect the outlet with our smartphone, it is necessary to download the application from Google Play or AppStore, it looks identical on both systems.

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Picture of the socket in the middle as well as the power button in the bottom bar turns on / off the socket, you can hear the characteristic sound of the relay every time you switch on / off.

The timer function gives us the ability to define in which hours the socket should automatically turn on / off.

Coundtown may be helpful for parents if their children spend too much time on TV, console or other electronic equipment. When set to 15min, it will automatically switch the smart socket to OFF after this time.

In the settings, we can freely call our socket, the function is useful if we have a larger amount at home. The application also provides protection against uninvited changes, it is possible to set a password and Touch ID in new smartphone models. Mi Home supports sharing devices with other household members, if we want the other person to be able to control some of our equipment from their phone, just send an invitation. After successful acceptance, both devices will have a shared device on the Mi Home app. Xiaomi Smart Socket, can interact with other devices from the ecosystem from the Chinese manufacturer.

What is missing

The function that I miss the most in the Wifi version is the wattmeter. I would like to know how much power the device is charging. Be able to check the consumption on the chart over a longer period of time. We are on vacation, we have a fridge connected to the Xiaomi smart socket, unfortunately it has failed. We receive a notification on the smartphone that the power consumption in the socket has dropped. We inform a friend who has solved the problem in our home. The applications can be many, if you want to have a wattmeter function in your Smart Socket you need to purchase versions ZigBeeto operate, you must have a Gateway, the Xiaomi smart home.

The problem in using is the lack of a European plug, I know this is a product for the Chinese market. However, I hope that as soon as possible, Xiaomi will enter the European market with equipment other than telephones and cameras. We can use the adapter, however, it will greatly prolong this device, or the prong with the earthing will protrude.

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If you're looking for a reliable, remotely controlled outlet from anywhere on earth. A big plus for working in Wifi technology, not Bluetooth. You are reconciled with the problem of using an adapter, and you do not want to spend more than 50 PLN on it. The offer from Xiaomi will be perfect for you. Are there better products on the market? Definitely yes, however, they cost 5x more and require central unit operation for the next 2tys PLN. The choice is yours.

Xiaomi Smart Socket I bought in the store Gearbest for 11,90 $.

Xiaomi Smart Socket ZigBee version with a wattmeter. (needed Gateway)

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