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Xiaomi Mi Router 4 - two "steps" forward and one step back

Xiaomi Mi 4 router

After a long absence Xiaomi refreshes the lines of routers, the new product is Xiaomi Mi Router 4. The predecessor has achieved success in the market. Sam used a triple for a few months. I was pleased with her, but with my number of devices over 80 I needed something stronger. Especially when it comes to handling IP cameras. I decided to replace it with HD series, for most apartments and houses, just three or a new Xiaomi Mi Router 4 is enough. What has Xiaomi changed in the new product?

Xiaomi Mi Router 4

Like Mi Band, which will be presented in two days, the router does not have much change in appearance, only a small facelift. The more rounded edges look better for me. The size remained the same as the predecessor, 20,00 x 13,10 x 2,35 cm. This is the first step forward that made the Xiaomi look slimmer. The second step is a better processor, MediaTek MT7621A with 880 MHz clocking, can handle 128 devices. In terms of security, it supports WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK encryption, wireless access control, SSID hiding, intrusion detection and DoS protection.

Xiaomi Mi 4 router

The router is equipped with four antennas located at the back. Next to them, on the rear panel Xiaomi placed a power socket, 2x Gigabit Ethernet (LAN) and 1x Gigabit Ethernet (WAN). That's where the step back is, unfortunately we gave up the USB port, thanks to it we could make a mini cloud at home. I must admit that I did not use the possibility of adding memory to the router when I owned Xiaomi Mi Router 3. However, since I have a 1TB router, I download files on my way home remotely. On the front there is an LED diode informing about the status of the WiFI connection, if it interferes at night, it can be turned off. Dzięki czterem antenom dostępne są dwie częstotliwości 2,4 GHz i 5 GHz W zależności od wybranej, prędkości będą różne. Na częstotliwości 5 Ghz szybkość może osiągnąć 867 Mbps, podczas gdy w 2,4 Ghz nie przekroczy 300 Mb / s. Szybsze pasmo ma jednak zdecydowanie mniejszy zasięg.

To za co uwielbiam routery Xiaomi to sposób konfiguracji, jest bardzo prosta dzięki aplikacji Mi Wi-Fi dostępnej w PlayStore/Appstore. Cena Xiaomi Mi Router 4 wynosi 199 juanów, $31. It is already available in the store

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