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Charging Mi 9 wirelessly vs Mi 8 wired. Which will reach 100% faster?

This year's Xiaomi flagship, the Mi 9 model is the world's first smartphone that can be charged wirelessly with power up to 20W. This is a really impressive result, just look at the last year's flagship Xiaomi Mi 8 which booted (USB type C) only offered the power of 18W.

To really look at the results, the battery capacity of both smartphones should be considered. In this matter, the Mi 8 has the highest 100 mAh, 3400 mAh in Mi 8 vs 3300 mAh in Mi 9.

The video shows how much Xiaomi developed induction charging for a year. This year there will be a breakthrough in wired charging because Xiaomi will offer charging with power up to 100W. Thanks to that, a smartphone with a capacity of up to 4000 mAh can be charged in just 17 minutes. The new loading will be named Super charge turbo and it has already been presented in the film.

Where to buy 20W induction charger

If you want to charge the 9 Mi 20W, then you need to buy a special charger. The version is available on biurko i do car, both are just as strong and charge the battery in Mi 9 just as quickly.

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