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How to invest in Xiaomi stock? Collector coins on the occasion of the Xiaomi stock exchange debut.

A quite surprising product, commemorative coins on the occasion of Xiaomi's debut on the stock exchange appeared on the Xiaomi financing platform. Coins appeared on the crowdfunding platform thanks to Luckyme. The company decided to create objects commemorating this unique and important day for Xiaomi. The product arouses interest on the financing platform and has already reached 441% of the amount needed.

Collector coins

Collector coins

Xiaomi's collector coins were produced by Shanghai Mint Co Ltd, it is one of the leading companies of the People's Bank of China.

Two coins are offered, the first one is silver and has 4 cm in diameter, the weight is 30g. It was priced at 269 yuan, $ 39. The second one is made of pure gold and has 2 cm in diameter, weighs 5g. The gold cost is 1699 yuan, $ 247. Is it possible to buy a two-pack, which consists of both coins and an elegant box, the cost? 1810 jua, $ 260 and this is not a random number. It is also on coins. The number 1810 corresponds to the Xiaomi number on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

On the coins in front there is a processor chip with the Mi logo inside. On the edge is the date commemorating the debut, on the other hand there is Mitu, the Xiaomi mascot.

Collector coins

Commemorative coins will be produced in a limited number of copies. An authenticity certificate with a watermark is attached, additionally has magnetic protection and a unique scrambling code. Shipping to the first customers will start on September 30.

How do I buy Xiaomi shares?

How do I buy Xiaomi shares?

One of the website's readers closely follows the Xiaomi stock market and kept me informed about the possibility of buying shares, for which he thanked me. If you follow social media, you know that I have decided and bought shares. For the residents of Europe, and hence Poland, the opportunity to purchase shares is offered by the brokerage house Degiro.

Today I became a true, faithful #Xiaomi fan. I woke up with Xiaomi Corp shares in my wallet.

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There should be no problems with the assumption of an account. You must know one important detail before depositing money. Through Degiro you can buy a minimum of 200 Xiaomi shares or multiples of this 400, 800, 1000. At this moment 200 shares Xiaomi Company costs $ 420 and you can start investing from this amount.

Degiro offers an affiliate program and if you register with this link we will both get after 100 PLN. I am not persuading anyone, everyone will act as they think. Due to the fact that I am a big fan of Xiaomi and I believe in this company, I decided to invest. People who bought Apple shares for $ 1000 at the beginning of their stock exchange debut, in the 2018 year could sell them for 8 millions. The biggest boom occurred when the iPhone was presented and it can be seen clearly on the chart, it was enough to buy shares in front of the iPhone. How far will Xiaomi find? It is not known.

update 26.10.2018

As for the 100 PLN from the partner program, the new person would have to spend 100 on the transaction fees themselves, in other words to invest a lot more money. In order for transaction fees to reach 100, you must buy 1000 Xiaomi shares within three months, then you will receive 100 PLN. This value changes every day, so you should check for yourself how much you have spent, how much is missing.

At this moment, 200 Xiaomi shares costs around $ 300 and you can start investing from this amount.

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