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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s collector's version will go on sale soon

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is in my opinion as long as the best Xiaomi smartphone, Mi 8 I have not yet managed to fully know. The first generation of Mi Mix was revolutionary in the market, very thin frames around the screens, no classic speaker for conversations at the top and, unfortunately, a poor camera. In the Mi Mix 2 version Xiaomi returned to the traditional speaker. It also slightly enlarged the frames, thanks to which the phone is much better used. One weak point remained, the camera. That's why a few months ago, Xiaomi refreshed the 2 model and presented 2s with a dual camera.

we mix 2s

The problem with cameras in phones with the Mi logo is not hardware, but poor software. During the May conference, the Chinese giant boasted that this has been significantly improved and the new soft will go to Mi 8. The producer also did not forget about users of Mi Mix 2s, who also they will get to your smartphone software patches to improve the quality of photos. Mi Mix 2s is also the only Xiaomi smartphone that supports wireless, inductive charging. This feature is not presented two months ago Xiaomi Mi 8.

Collectible version of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

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Mi Mix 2s is a very successful smartphone that most people will need for a few years, which is why Xiaomi presents a collector's edition. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Ceramic Jade Green Art Edition it will be green celadon. Inside it will be the same model as normal 2s, the only difference is the color of the housing and the way of packaging. It is not known yet what surprises the Chinese manufacturer has prepared in a box.

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