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11 Xiaomi smartphones with Vulkan API support from Khronos Group

Xiaomi informed fans yesterday that 12 smartphones with Mi logo will receive the Vulkan API service. The API uses the mobile equivalent of League of Legends, the King of Glory game.

11 Xiaomi smartphones with API Vulkan support

11 Xiaomi smartphones with Vulkan API support from Khronos Group

What is Vulkan? It is a cross-platform interface for creating 3D applications, the successor of OpenGL. The first information about work on the Vulkan by the Khronos group was announced to the world during the GDC in 2015 year. Probably many of you have heard about DirectX, the latest version of directX 12 works only on Windows 10, it is closed API of Microsoft. Vulkan for this can work on many platforms, both on Windows and Android, Linux.

Vulkan uses the whole potential of the smartphone, uses many cores. Thanks to this, it increases the efficiency of the graphic layout. For example, in the King of Glory game, the Vulkan version has a lower CPU load of 30% due to better multi-threaded management.

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Which Xiaomi smartphones will be able to use the Vulkan API?

Mi Mix 3, Mi 6, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 SE, Mi 8, Mi EE, Mi Mix 2s, Mi Mix 2, Mi Note 3, Mi 6x, and even a smartphone from the Redmi budget series - Redmi Note 5. In the future, the number of smartphones will be even more developed.

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