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Xiaomi Roidmi 2S - Spotify in your car.
xiaomi roidmi 2s

xiaomi roidmi 2s

Gadget for motoring fans: Xiaomi Roidmi 2s. The device is a response to the problems of owners of slightly older car models. It allows you to transform any phone into a mini radio station and play music from your smartphone along with the hands-free kit on the car radio.

xiaomi roidmi 2s

Roidmi DriverA few words about how Xiaomi ROIDMI 2S works. The only thing we need is a smartphone (I am currently using the iPhone 7) and a dedicated Roidmi Driver application (we can find it in the app store or Google play store). Pin the transmitter to the car socket. Via Bluetooth we synchronize it with our phone. In the application we set the frequency of the wave on which our device is to broadcast and of course we set the car radio for the same wave.
Then we start the music on the smartphone, and this is sent to our transmitter, which broadcasts it in the form of radio waves at a pre-set frequency. I think the quality of the sound transmitted is really good. All sounds are transferred from our smartphone, you can also use for navigation, yanosika, etc.

Let's also remember about the option a speakerphone that I think is very unhelpful. I had a phone call several times while driving, which I had to pick up. However, the transmitter during the connection failed me. The microphone built into the Xiaomi Roidmi 2s is very weak for someone to hear me, I had to shout to him 🙂 Personally, I have a socket in the car with the gear knob, which is very low. Therefore, the voice stream does not reach the floor of the car.

We also have 2 USB charging ports for use, which generate 5V 2.4A output power. They quickly charge the phone or other electronic devices.

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I have been using Xiaomi Roidmi 2s for several weeks and I am very positively surprised with this gadget despite the fact that it is impossible to talk to it (this is the case in my case). However, the rest is solidly made and works very well in my car. I heard from other Roidmi users that some FM waves from the radio overlap (I personally did not notice). In my opinion, it is not the device's fault, but the radio and antennas that are in the vehicle.

I recommend Spotify maniacs to try this gadget and they will not regret it. Roidmi 2S can be bought in the store Gearbest for 16 $.