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Xiaomi presents a smart rower, compete with others
Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine

A day without a daily dose of information about new Xiaomi products is a lost day. Today Xiaomi on the financing platform presented a smart rower, Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine. With the help of a rowing machine, we can train the whole body. Of course, as with the Xiaomi products, the rowing machine has already taken the amount needed on the crowdfunding platform. Currently, the financing level is 213%.

Smart boatman from Xiaomi

smart boatman

The rowing machine was made of pine wood. Dimensions are 1950 mm x 480 mm x 480 mm. It contains a polycarbonate tank in which there is water. Two blades rotate in the water, which resists when we pull the rope and move back on the seat using guide rails located along the rowing machine. The more water we pour inside, the bigger the machine will resist. The maximum weight of the rake can be 120kg.

smart boatman


The rowing machine collects data that is sent in real time to the smartphone, to the application created by the Xiaomi programmers. With the help of many built-in sensors, you can view the training. The application also has 16 various training programs. For me the coolest option is to compete with other users through the application. I already had a traditional boatman at home, without social functions, and it was difficult to motivate myself for training. The will to overcome other friends would wake up with extra strength, I'm sure.

smart rower

smart boatman

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Xiaomi Smart Rowing Machine has been designed to take up as little space in the house when we do not use it. It can be raised and set vertically. Despite the large weight, 25kg will not put up much resistance because the entire weight is on the other side. There are also wheels on the base, so the device can be transported alone to another place. Without a problem, a woman will be able to put it on her own and clean it up after herself.

smart boatman

Smart boatman from Xiaomi costs in China 2499 yuan, $ 367. The first customers who decide to buy will be sent 21 August.