The Chinese giant has partnered with the American KFC fastfood chain. Xiaomi hired graffiti artists who made impressive graphics in one of the premises in China. The new design presents the Mitu mascot and the largest smartphone with the Mi logo, Xiaomi Mi Max 3.

Xiaomi has partnered with KFC

Xiaomi has partnered with KFC

Graffiti was made in one night when the place was closed. The work lasted six hours, the authors of the graphics are local artists. Changing the color of the walls is not the only attraction for customers, and the new look of the buckets on the wings has been introduced. An additional attraction was the myth mascot who entertained clients.

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A video from the Xiaomi and KFC promotional campaign

The promoted product was Xiaomi Mi Max 3 about which you can read more here. The smartphone will work for people who like a large, even gigantic screen which in the Mi Max 3 has up to 6,9 inch.