The quartz watch from Xiaomi has been with me for a month. During this time, I managed to get to know the classic but a little smart watch from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Quartz Watch can be described as a hybrid, as I mentioned it is a combination of tradition and modernity. Traditional watches are slowly disappearing from the market, sales are falling. The downward trend is visible on chart. Even the biggest Swiss watch manufacturers follow tech

ology and offer customers the opportunity to buy "smart" watches.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch

The Xiaomi product has a minimalist look, the size of the envelope is 40 mm. It is similar to the watch promoted by 90% of fashion bloggers whose name starts with D. Mijia Quartz Watch does not have the seconds hand, only hourly and minute. Inside the large shield is smaller, showing the number of steps taken during the day. The scale ends with 20 000 steps. During the testing period I was unable to "close" the meter, the most I had about 16 000. On the right side is the only button used to invoke pairing with a smartphone. The watch features fast belt replacement, just slide the latch sideways and the strap removed.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch

The quartz watch is available in three different colors: black, blue and gray. I decided to buy a gray one, and as I wrote while unpacking, I still think it's more of a woman's color. Some men said it was nice, everyone has their own taste. If I could make a decision again, I would choose a black model. Each version has a leather strap with a width of 20mm. It was made of cowhide and I have to say it is very good quality, more delicate than in Amazfit 2S. If the colors do not match, you can buy any other belt width 20 mm and replace in a few seconds.

Water resistance of the watch

The front was made of mineral glass. In order to ensure adequate visibility, the glass has been coated with anti-reflective coating, the light transmission is 93%. The mineral glass is more elastic than the sapphire crystal, thanks to which it has greater resistance to cracks, which is not difficult in the everyday watch. The housing is made of 316L stainless steel, it is resistant to scratches and corrosion. After a month of use, my copy looks like new. The watch passed endurance tests at extreme temperatures from -40 degrees to + 70 degrees. I did not take my watch off for a month and I can confidently say that the water is not terrible.

Time for the most important, smart functions

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The watch supports intelligent functions such as time intervals, step counting, time zones, a call reminder or an alarm clock. Time intervals are the vibrations of a defined number of minutes, eg the watch will vibrate every two hours so that we will detach from work in front of the computer for a while. In the application there is a choice of many cities from different corners of the world, with one click you can change the time on the watch in force in a given place in the world. In the connection reminder option, we can define 10 contacts from the phone, if one of them calls us, the watch will start to vibrate. I would treat the alarm clock more as a curiosity, the vibrations are too weak to wake up. The alarm clock will work more when it reminds you of meals during the day.

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Measuring steps counts, the function itself works well. On the dial of the watch, we can check how many steps we have already made today, and in the application more detailed data are available - such as the distance traveled or the number of calories burned. Statistics can be viewed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Pedometer has one disadvantage, does not have too much cache. The daily steps at midnight are reset and the watch remembers the data from 2-3 days. As you can see in my weekly chart there are gaps, I have not synchronized the watch for a long time and the data has been lost. If you want to be sure that you will not lose your steps, I recommend synchronizing every day before bedtime. The downside is that the collected data can not be connected, for example, with the health application on the iPhone.

Summary, who is the quartz watch from Xiaomi for?

In my opinion, the watch will fit perfectly for women. It better fits into a delicate hand and wrist. Nowadays many women wear Mi Banda to track the number of steps during the day. The Xiaomi quartz watch on your hand will definitely look much better and will also show daily activity. The partner will definitely be happy with such a gift.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch can be bought in the store Banggood

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