Xiaomi Mijia Giiker Super Cube - modern rubik's cube

xiaomi mijia giiker super cube

When I first saw the graphics announcing the new Xiaomi product, I thought it was an introduction to the promotional campaign of new headphones. I recently informed about establishing cooperation with Xiaomo, now the Chinese giant decided to establish cooperation with Giikier. Xiaomi Mijia Giikier Super Cube is another product on the clow-back platform and these are not headphones, but an interactive rubik's cube. I think each person associates a Rubik's cube, maybe it never worked out, but it certainly connotes appearance. It is a geometric puzzle in which you have to put all the identical colors on one page. Giikier decided to build a lot of sensors into the device and integrate it with the mobile application.

xiaomi rubik's cube

A new way to get old things

Rubik's cube is not a problem? Try Xiaomi Mijia Giiker Super Cube. At first glance, it looks like a rubik's cube. Nine elements on each of the six sides of the cube. Giikier, however, has different colors than the prototype: pink, blue, white, yellow, orange and green. Real changes conceal the interior of the new cube, position sensors and battery. The charging method is very original, you need to put on special headphones. The manufacturer declares that the battery will last for 30 days for one hour of daily use, and in standby mode it can wait up to three months.

xiaomi mijia giiker super cube

The position sensors in real time send data via Bluetooth to a dedicated smartphone application. Versions for fruit growers and confectioners are available. The application provides small mini games in which we can practice reflexes and memory. Another interesting application option is the interactive learning of fast-laying cubes. You will not beat the record holder of the Guinness book, but start developing the cubes with sense, not for odpieprz and maybe it will work.

Xiaomi Mijia Giiker Super Cube has been priced in China on 99 yuan, just under $ 16. The cube is available in the store Banggood.com i na Aliexpress.

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