The end of guesses, rumors and leaks. Xiaomi officially confirmed that the presentation of the latest Mi 8 models, i.e. Youth Edition will be held 19 September in Chengdu. The Chinese giant traditionally does not give information "on the tray", but to stimulate the imagination with its posters.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition presentation of 19 in September

Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition presentation of 19 in September

There is no specific model given, but you can see the running mascot of Mitu, which is going towards the huge eight, meaning Xiaomi Mi 8. On the roof of one of the buildings there is an advertising banner with the information "150 gram". This is a reference to the Mi 1 Youth Edition which premiered 18 May 2012 and only weighed the 150 gram.

What is known about Mi 8 Youth?

According to leaks, the display will have a diagonal 6,26 inch with the resolution FULL HD +, the aspect ratio of the screen should be 18: 9. The brain will most likely be Snapdragon 710. One can say that it is a twin smartphone for the Mi 8 SE.

And what about the price?

According to the Chinese social portal Weibo, the Mi 8 Youth Edition will cost 1999 yuan, or $ 290. Perhaps it is not the only smartphone that Xiaomi will present in a week, the Internet is humming with rumors about another Mi 8 model with a fingerprint reader embedded in the screen.