It can be said that Xiaomi has two series of its flagship smartphones. The first is the Mi series, the second Mi Mix. The latest model from the Mi series was presented two months ago and its most powerful variant Explorer Edition the was only selling yesterday. So far you could only buy the SE model and "ordinary" Mi 8, which I own. In the second half of the year Xiaomi presents its second flagship from the Mi Mix series, currently we are waiting for the Mi Mix 3.

Mysterious smartphone Xiaomi with triple lens and Snapdragon 855

Illustrative image, the prototype of the new Mi Mix 3 made by one of the fans

Xiaomi smartphone with triple lens and Snapdragon 855

Geekbench service, presented a new device equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor. The performance test was carried out four days ago, ie 27 in July. The name of the tested model is Xiaomi SDM855 for arm64 with the android system in the 8.1 and 6 GB versions of the RAM operating memory.

Mysterious smartphone Xiaomi with triple lens and Snapdragon 855

The motherboard of the device, however, shows the MSM8998 model which until now corresponded to Snapdragon 835. Therefore, the specifications are a bit puzzling, but the benchmark results do not differ from the SDM835 performance. You can not trust this information, it is very likely that it is a poor modification.

The triple support is definitely more likely. Xiaomi will not be the first in this matter because such a model already has, among others. Huawei. The sensor models in the triple lens are most likely IMX586 + IMX351 + SS3M5.

If Xiaomi decides to put the Snapdragon 3 processor in its latest Mi Mix 855 flagship, it will not be available for purchase until the 2019 year. As with the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, you will have to wait a few months after the presentation until the device is officially on the market.