Recently Apple presented three new iPhones. The fierce discussions of the supporters and opponents of the brand will last until the next device from Cupertino is released.

I exceptionally this year do not buy a new model, although I did it every year. For me, a new device has nothing revolutionary, just like a watch. I've been waiting for the Apple Watch Series 4 for a few months, and it's good that it was presented because I could buy Series 3 cheaper. I always bought the latest products because they offered more. This year, after the Apple conference, I see no reason to buy the latest watch, or replace the smartphone with a new one - offered novelties are not worth the price. One company from Cupertino is doing perfectly, invariably for years - it's marketing.

Download wallpapers from the new iPhones for your Xiaomi smartphone

Download wallpapers of new iPhones for your Xiaomi smartphone

What Apple refuse can not be a presentation of a new product, it always looks beautiful. If we enter the Apple website, their products look phenomenal to a great extent thanks to the carefully selected wallpapers.

If you want to have them on your smartphone, just download them from the link below.

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