The new, improved walkie-talkie Polar Bee

Xiaomi is already in walkie-talkiesthe product does not interest me at all, but the Chinese giant has decided to refresh the product so it has to sell. The new product guarantees better range thanks to a better antenna.

Walkie-talkie Polar Bee

walkie-talkie Polar Bee

Walkie-talkie Polar Bee has the power of 5W. Dimensions are 125 mm x 55 mm x 25m, for this you should also add 100 mm antenna so the final height is 225mm, it weighs 195g. Unlike the predecessor, it has unscrewed antennas, if they turn out to be too weak, you can quickly unscrew and mount other ones that offer a higher emission factor. The frequency range is from 400MHz - 470 MHz. It also has Bluetooth headset support to free your hands while climbing.

walkie-talkie Polar Bee

The new walkie-talkie allows you to establish a connection between the second and the distance from 4 to 10km in the open area. The built-up area drops in the area, conversations can be carried in the distance from 1 to 5 kilometers. If someone is planning to use in high-rise buildings, the range is from 2-30 floors.

The device offers 10 hours of talk time, thanks to the installation of a 3000 mAh battery. Charging takes place via the microUSB port. In standby mode it will withstand 48 hours. On the housing there are LEDs informing about the state of charge of the battery.

walkie-talkie Polar Bee

Xiaomi would not be like a substitute for a smart function to an electronic device. Walkie-talkie has a smartphone app that looks for the most appropriate bandwidth and frequency in a given place. You can also quickly share the used frequency with another person.

walkie-talkie Polar Bee

Walkie-talkie Polar Bee costs 599 yuan in China, $ 88.

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