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MIUI 10 - check out the news. Product promotion? Let's copy from Apple
miui 10

miui 10

At the beginning of yesterday's conference, Xiaomi presented a new version of its Android overlay. The news presented yesterday is dedicated mainly to the Chinese market, but some of the news is common and shows in what direction Xiaomi wants to develop its smartphones.


miui 10

The MIUI 9 system was advertised as lightning, the MIUI 10 is expected to be even faster. Xiaomi compared the new system with the speed of overlays from other manufacturers. Xiaomi launched a smartphone from Xiaomi Mi 2s last month, competed with P20 Pro from Huawei and iPhone X. Of the eight tests Mi Mix 2s won the 5 five, and the three best turned out to be the iPhone X. MIUI 10 is expected to be even faster thanks to AI. Artificial intelligence has to anticipate the next steps as we will use a smartphone, it is to be always a step ahead. It has to load the screens into memory before we even release the command with your finger.

miui 10

New products that we will see most often include changed notifications and sliders to change the volume and brightness of the screen. The presentation of running applications in the background has also changed. Previously, we scrolled from left to right, in MIUI 10 are presented in the form of tiles in two rows. We can kill the application or choose other options by holding it longer.

miui 10 mi5 photo

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MIUI 10 also introduces a blurred background effect in different smartphones, not only with a double lens, but also with a single one. If you are a happy owner of Mi 5 and you do not intend to go to a higher version, you will be able to enjoy the smudge of blurred background. The above image was taken with the Xiaomi flagship from three years ago with a single lens, the Xiaomi Mi 5.

When I saw the following video and heard the music, I knew that I had heard it somewhere before. Everything modeled from the movie promotional iPhone X. You can see that Xiaomi not only copies Apple's product, and even marketing. Another novelty that appealed to me a new way to add Mi Home devicesjust like Apple's Airpods. You can see it in the 49 second on the film below. The information pops up that a new device has been detected and only click to pair. Simple and genius, I love Apple, I hope that it will work the same way with Mi Home devices.

They are moving today MIUI 10 beta tests for smartphone users in China. Europe and other regions will have to wait their turn, I am waiting for the introduction of MIUI 10 by