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Dumbbells from Xiaomi like controllers from Playstation Move

Dumbbells from Xiaomi

Xiaomi attaches great importance to the issue of health and physical activity. Starting from running shoes, through special clothing, armbands reminding us that we have to get up and move, and ending with fitness devices. "Treadmill", skipping rope, powerball, bikes, equipment is full. This time Xiaomi presented smart dumbbells, to make the exercise through interaction even more enjoyable .. and more willingly performed.

Dumbbells from Xiaomi

For me personally, Xiaomi dumbbells resemble controllers from Playstation Move. The product is dedicated mainly to women. They can be used in dance, aerobics, any aerobic exercises that use aerobic capacity. As I mentioned, the dumbbells are intelligent, they combine with special application.

Dumbbells from Xiaomi
Dumbbells from Xiaomi

When performing specific training plans, they collect data all the time and suggest corrections if we do the exercises inaccurately. Inside the application, 30 offers a variety of training sessions, Xiaomi declares that during the year the update will come out and the next 100 will be available. They are to be added, among other things martial arts and street dance. For every move we are evaluated, we get points and stars.

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Dumbbells from Xiaomi

There are three types of dumbbells to choose from, depending on the training of the person. You can buy a dumbbell 0,5kg, 0,75kg or 1 kg. All electronics inside must be powered, so they have a built-in battery with 180mAh capacity. Charging takes place via the micro-USB port. Time to full charge is just 30 minutes, and will allow 300 minutes of exercise. Dumbbells are available in three colors purple, green and gray. Xiaomi has also in its offer for over half a year a harvester for men named Move it. It works on a similar basis, but I do not see it in any store. If someone notices, please let me know!

Xiaomi dumbbells cost 99 yuan, $ 15.

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