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Smoke detector Xiaomi, Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector.
xiaomi smoke sensor

xiaomi smoke sensor

Your first association with the fire sensor? I have such a, I think that people in the 25 age are similarly similar. Xiaomi has recently completed its portfolio with a gas sensor and just smoke. In the near future, we should also be able to buy a carbon monoxide sensor. In the last days I tested the Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector.


Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector

Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector has a plastic housing, so it weighs only 100g. There are two options for mounting on the ceiling. The first with the help of the attached double-sided tape, the second with the use of dowels attached to the set. Both boil down to attaching the bottom part to the ceiling (the smoke detector must be mounted to the ceiling - it can not be placed on a shelf, or hang on the wall.) When the bottom part is attached, the last step is to apply the sensor and twist a few steps until the latches " surprise. " The Xiaomi smoke sensor is powered by the 3V CR123A battery. Xiaomi recommends that the smoke detector be in the same room as the gateway. Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector range is not sensational, it worked well with 15m, later it could not connect to the gateway. For example, a temperature / humidity sensor has twice the range. Before mounting, I suggest to check in the application whether the device connects to the central unit in a given place by "self-checking".


The fire detector works in the ZigBee communication protocol, so that the sensor should be "smart" Gateway from Xiaomi - smart home. The device is traditionally added in the MiHome application by pressing the plus and selecting "Smoke Detector", then three times cut the button on the sensor housing to make the device connect to our central unit.

After switching to the newly added device, we see the scenes options that were created using the sensor. I set it when it detects the alarm sent a notification on the phone and the camera starts recording. The second information on the main screen are Logs, i.e. all events that the sensor has registered.

Xiaomi smoke sensorHoneywell Fire Alarm Detector

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In the settings, we can choose whether the detection of the alarm will trigger the alarm function in the gateway - it starts to flash and the alarm siren sounds. In addition, we should define where the sensor is working, about it below. We also have the option of using the "self-checking" function - the application will remind us once a month to check if the sensor is working properly. We need to press the "self-checking" function within a few seconds, the sensor should start the siren once, then we have to confirm on the smartphone that we have heard the signal.


In the settings we have to choose one of the three options that best corresponds to the location in which we placed Honeywell Fire Alarm Detector:

  1. A place without smoke eg office, warehouse
  2. a place with a slight smokiness - this option is chosen by default
  3. places where there is "a bit of smoke" - Xiaomi declares it as a kitchen

At the beginning I checked the 1 number options. The sensor triggered an alarm when I lit the paper card, also reacted to cigarette smoke. In the second mode, the default sensor reacted to the burning paper very quickly, but sometimes the cigarette was working, sometimes not. In the last mode, the "least sensitive" to detect a burning sheet of paper, he needed about 10 seconds, and for a cigarette, about thirty burned once detected. After completing the tests, I switched to 2 mode.

Smoke detector from Xiaomi it costs around 100 PLN, is it expensive? Evaluate yourself, in my opinion it is worth spending the equivalent of two "halves". Personally, I hope that I will never hear a siren, but if I "wake up" it will probably be one of the best published in my life.