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A week ago I informed about new Xiaomi products that will find their application in camping. The Chinese company presented hammock, tent i watertight case for a smartphone. A few months ago, it also went on sale "Woks toki" Xiaomi continues the bivouac. Two new products have been added to the offer. Foldable bed and sleeping bag. It is true that the bed in the tent will not fit, but the sleeping bag will work perfectly.

Folding GOCAMP bed

Folding GOCAMP bed

The foldable GOCAMP bed from Xiaomi is perfect for trips to nature. It is very mobile, it only takes 103 cm x XUMUM x x XUMUM cm, and when unfolded it reaches 25 cm x 15 cm x XUMUM cm. Weight is also important in this type of product, the bed weighs only 188 kg. The place where the head rests can be adjusted according to your preferences to ensure a more comfortable sleep. A person whose weight does not exceed 65kg can sleep on a GOCAMP folding bed.

The GOCAMP folding bed is available in China for $ 199, $ 30.

Folding GOCAMP bed

Sleeping bag

It was made of synthetic fiber and cotton. Thanks to that it heats very well and is waterproof. The folded sleeping bag and placed in a special case is very mobile, because its dimensions are only 33 cm x XUMUM cm. When we unfold, the dimensions look as follows: 14 cm long and 215-50 cm wide. The sleeping bag is narrower in the legs and expands towards the top of the body.

Xiaomi sleeping bag

Sleeping bag is much more expensive than a folding bed, almost twice. In China, it costs 369 yuan, $ 55. None of the two new products is yet to be found in stores offering import to Europe. I hope that next Sunday I will be able to take them add to the list.

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