Xiaomi presents lightweight shoes without seams

Submarka Xiaomi 90Fun is growing rapidly, every week presents at least one new product. They presented new shoes yesterday. They are characterized by a seamless production method, which is 4x longer than traditional, but provides greater ventilation.

Xiaomi presents ultra-light shoes without seams

The whole mountain was very densely woven from a combination of fabric and polyester glued with glue. Thanks to this shoes have many miniature holes and can breathe better. They are available in three colors: white, gray and black. All colors are available for both women and men in size from 35 to 45. The sole is made of Michelin rubber, providing good abrasion resistance and excellent grip.

Xiaomi presents ultra-light shoes without seams

The tip of the fingers, the tip of the shoe was covered with a special material that ensures effective splash-proof.

The price of new ultralight shoes without seams in China is 169 yuan, $ 24. In the coming days should be added to the offer of stores that allow import to Europe.

Xiaomi presents ultra-light shoes without seams

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