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Xiaomi introduces two air fresheners to the car, but not only

I do not know how in China, but in Poland, the "Christmas trees" fragrances hung on the rear-view mirrors have only recently led the way. Xiaomi introduced two types of air fresheners. One in the shape of a cylindrical box, the other with a quite surprising appearance of wooden beads.

Xiaomi introduces two air fresheners to the car, but not only

The first freshener is the Prochain perfume. Mounting options are two, the position on the dashboard or inserting into a special, attached adapter and placing in the grille from the supply. To release the fragrance, just press the top and the casing will open. The whole weighs only 10g, so it should not fall out of the airflow.

Naturale premiums contained in fragrance oil comply with international standards and can be used among children and pregnant women. If the smell will suit everyone, the refresher can take it with you to the office and put it next to the laptop. The fragrance is enough for three months, but if it is too exposed to the sun's rays, the lifespan can be reduced to one and a half months. What is the smell? Publishes the translation:

[su_quote cite = "Xiaomi"] "The smell of the bitter orange Grasse flower contains the sweetness of cloves. In the endless stream of traffic you can feel the refreshing atmosphere of the Mediterranean and green poetry in the depths of the jungle "[/ su_quote]

... this is the smell.

The price of the Prochain freshener is 59 yuan, $ 9. It is on the funding platform and has already reached 946% of the amount needed. Shipment to the first customers will begin on August 23 and then it will also be sold by stores offering shipping outside of China.

Xiaomi introduces two air fresheners to the car

The second fragrance is the previously announced wooden balls

When I saw the graphic thumbnail for the first time, I did not know what the product was, it looks really strange. An oblong element, I do not know what to call it ... in which the balls are placed is made of aluminum alloy.

Xiaomi introduces two air fresheners

It has 8 wooden balls made of solid wood .. Soaked in natural fragrance oils. They also contain tea ingredients and plant extracts that are very effective in breaking down unpleasant odors, cigarettes, sweat and gasoline. Due to the fan the odor is blown inside the car. The balls retain their fragrance for many days, enough for two months. Then you can replace it with a new one and place it in place of the used one.

Xiaomi introduces two air fresheners

There are four fragrances to choose from: a walk in the woods, meditation, refreshing fruit and British fashion. There are two color versions of the black and white housing. Dimensions are 91mm x 34mm x 15mm.

Xiaomi introduces two air fresheners

It also works very well when we decide to refresh the smell at home or work. Can be placed in an air purifier from Xiaomi or a fan.

The whole costs 59 yuan $ 8 in China, and the wood balls themselves cost $ 5. Air freshener with beads is now available for sale.

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